about us


At JC Ultimate Training, we build ultimate athletes. If you’re looking to outplay and outlast the competition, you’ve come to the right place. Our sports performance programs are for athletes by athletes. We are former athletes who played at the collegiate level, building our sports conditioning and performance programs with an atmosphere that parallels that used by college athletes. Our goal is to help today’s youth with potential and passion become tomorrow’s top athletes.

JC Ultimate Training in San Antonio, Texas, offers year-round programs in private, small-group, and team training settings. We train athletes as young as 6 to professional athletes. Off-season, players choose JC Ultimate Training knowing when it’s game time, they’ll have the competitive edge. Coaches choose JC Ultimate Training because they gain athletes who come mentally and physically ready to play and who have less risk of injury.

My mission statement

JC ULTIMATE TRAINING has 2 main goals- “Improving kids self-confidence and athletic performance.” Our staff sees every child as an opportunity to instill life change, direction, confidence, and positive values. We are different because we teach, our athletes learn work ethic and the lessons are taken with them for life. JC ULTIMATE TRAINING is more than just summertime or weekend camp. We deliver a year round program that develops agility, speed, vertical, and strength for young athletes regardless of sport.

Our Vision

As leaders of kids, we want to empower them in a positive direction to embrace the life elements and work ethics that will develop them into great adults.

Our Mantra

“We don’t use machines we make machines!”