Athletic Training for Basketball

JC Ultimate Training provides the optimal mix of high-intensity athletic training, and sport-specific training protocols to make you a better athlete and basketball player so you earn valuable playing time when you make the 12 person roster.

Our customized training is designed to improve jump mechanics so basketball players rise higher for every shot, block and rebound. If you want to separate yourself from the pack and take your game to the next level, you have to maximize your athletic abilities through the JC Ultimate Training speed, power, core approach.

JC Ultimate Training basketball training will improve:

  • Foot speed, first-step response and running stride efficiency
  • Peak force power, vertical jump and lateral quickness
  • Core stability for increased shooting accuracy and fine movement balance

Without question, basketball ranks as one of the more physically demanding sports. Lateral mobility, explosive endurance, vertical jumping ability and speed to move rapidly up and down the court necessitates a conditioning campaign that is second to none. At JC Ultimate Training we have just the program. We focus on improving the basketball player’s foot speed, hand-eye coordination and reducing reaction time. What separates us from all the others is our concentration on fully developing the entire bodies explosiveness and strength of the athlete. For elite players, basketball is played above the rim, and we want our basketball athletes to be able to thrive in that elite atmosphere. JC Ulitimate Training’s basketball-specific program for youth athletes will greatly improve the ball-handling techniques at all positions, enhance the shooting touch for all players, and give our basketball players that untouchable first step that is so difficult to guard against.