Athletic Training for Soccer

Soccer players will benefit from the JC Ultimate Training training program to improve breakaway speed, closing quickness, and increased foot speed. JC Ultimate Training provides the optimal mix of high-intensity athletic training, sport-specific training protocols and soccer-specific instruction to make you a better athlete and soccer player to raise your game to the next level.

JC Ultimate Training soccer training will improve:

  • Improved awareness of when to implement speed cuts vs. power cuts, running stride efficiency and leg strength
  • Gains in power that improve vertical jump, peak force and kick velocity
  • Core strength for better balance and hip, knee, and ankle stability
  • Speed and muscular endurance

Soccer was one of the last sports to recognize the inherent needs of strength training. Now, with the overwhelming global popularity of the World Cup, soccer athletes are very serious about becoming the best they can be on and off the field. Soccer demands a fast and explosive first step and breakaway speed with the ability to perform speed cuts. More than anything else, however, soccer players need to have speed endurance. Running up and down the field for continuous stretches of time is physically grueling and mentally draining.

Strength Training for Soccer

We at JC Ultimate Training completely understand the rigors of a soccer match and that’s why our soccer program specifically targets speed endurance and functional strength. Additionally, we improve player’s ability to throw-in the soccer ball for advantageous set-ups for their teammates. Our strengthening program addresses the important aspects of soccer.