To dominate the diamond in softball JC Ultimate Training delivers the right mix of softball training protocols to help players develop the split-second reactions, lower body strength and lightning-fast agility required to succeed at the highest levels of the sport. JC Ultimate Training provides the optimal mix of high-intensity training, sport-specific protocols and skill-specific instruction to make you a better youth athlete and a better softball player as well.

JC Ultimate Training youth softball training will improve:

  • Speed, quickness and agility in the field and on the base paths
  • Hitting power, throwing velocity and distance
  • Core stability, balance and efficient swing movement

For softball players, JC Ultimate Training increases arm strength and velocity while maintaining arm health, maximizes bat speed, improves base running, and teaches proper fielding techniques. Bat speed and power come from the hips and the core. You can add explosiveness to your swing and become a dangerous hitter with fitness training at JC Ultimate Training. On the field, we cover every aspect of the game. Off the diamond, we have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become a premier player in softball. That’s why our strength and conditioning program makes other athletes take notice.

Athletic Training To Get Softball Players To Next Level

Our systematic workouts initially build an extremely strong foundation of core strength and in the shoulder girdle in order to keep the throwing muscles elastic and healthy. Following the foundation phase we transfer the strength gains into athletic power and explosiveness that helps you drive the ball from gap to gap. Regardless of a perfect swing or the precise throwing mechanics, you need power behind all you do on the field and at JC Ultimate Training, we’ll get you there!

Softball Training Customized To Any Age and Position

Our trainers will customize an athletic training program for fast pitch softball players of any age and ability. We specialize in youth softball tJC Ultimate Training